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Through the Key Hole by Chris Chou“Through the Key Hole” 

Design Elements:

Depth: The larger keyhole seems as though I am looking through it to get to this smaller orange keyhole.

Line: She uses some lines throughout the blue keyhole; perhaps for some interesting texture.

Color: The color in this piece is riveting. I love the use of the blues and oranges; complementary colors. The red and yellows  also work well.

Design Principles:

Focal point: I think the focal point of this piece is the orange keyhole. It’s surrounded by a sea of blue. It’s also in the center of the blue circle.

Balance: This piece is balanced by the use of color, and is almost symmetrical left to right.

Overall, I enjoy this piece. I particularly love anything with a keyhole shape and skeleton keys. The use of color is enjoyable. That is why I chose this piece by Chris Chou.