Through the Key Hole by Chris Chou“Through the Key Hole” 

Design Elements:

Depth: The larger keyhole seems as though I am looking through it to get to this smaller orange keyhole.

Line: She uses some lines throughout the blue keyhole; perhaps for some interesting texture.

Color: The color in this piece is riveting. I love the use of the blues and oranges; complementary colors. The red and yellows  also work well.

Design Principles:

Focal point: I think the focal point of this piece is the orange keyhole. It’s surrounded by a sea of blue. It’s also in the center of the blue circle.

Balance: This piece is balanced by the use of color, and is almost symmetrical left to right.

Overall, I enjoy this piece. I particularly love anything with a keyhole shape and skeleton keys. The use of color is enjoyable. That is why I chose this piece by Chris Chou.


Design: Modern Furniture

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

I really enjoy contemporary-modern furniture. It’s crisp, clean, streamline, and futuristic-like. The colors of the furniture typically are found in black, gray, white, and red. You can make it your own, and add color, by using pillows, rugs, and other accessories around your room. While it might not always be inviting; I enjoy the look of it.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Creation of Adam

Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Creation of Adam

Emphasis can be used by proportion, color, direction, and placement — amongst other things.  The emphasis created here (on the right) is where Adam’s and God’s hands are almost touching. There is a bright area surrounding this part of the image. It draws your eye in. The emphasis is on the middle of the image.

In Graphic Design, the image on the left, the emphasis is created from the direction of the arrows and the color of the background of where the word EMPHASIS is placed.



Which is more important — content or design?

I think content is overall more important than design. You could have a great design, but if you don’t have content to interest the reader — you will lose the reader’s interest. The user will be forced to find their information elsewhere.